My Better Half and The Media

A lot of people seem to be concerned that my wife Sarah is getting some rough treatment in the media. Well, to them, I say don't worry because Sarah's been managing this stuff for years. You don't get to be a successful woman in Alaska without some tough questions from the likes of Alaska Woman, Frontier Bride, or Food Smoker Recipes Monthly.

As far back as I can remember, these reporters would be lining up to ask Sarah all manner of questions about her family, life in Alaska, her kids, balancing her career with her family, balancing her career with her aerobics schedule, how to handle bad hair days, fashion tips, and so forth. Some of the tougher questions included things like:

  • How do you manage your role as Mayor of the third-largest town in Alaska?
  • What special activities do you encourage your family to do to get them through Alaska's long winters?
  • What does your husband think of your success?
  • How do you keep your kids off meth after the first episode?
  • Do you have any special pemmican recipes for the holidays?
  • Do you have any fashion tips for expecting brides?

Of course, those communists over at the Wasilla Progressive always tried to get her to answer some questions about her policies about birth control, abortion, and some other topics that Sarah though were pretty dang clear if you would just pay attention in church on Sunday morning and then make government follow those rules. Along with that hatchet job article about my uncle's Trading Post,
that's why she banned them from her office. Good for her I said. Don't tell me Sarah doesn't know anything about Russian foreign policy. She's fighting communism right here in Alaska.

I guess there are just some in every crowd, but Sarah's a lot tougher than me. I'm not sure that I could handle such hard questions. Usually when I get interviewed by North Slope Petroleum Operator Quarterly or Musher, I just have to answer technical questions like how to how to manage flare lines or on-the-trail splinting techniques.

That's why Sarah really is my better half!

Tight lines,
First Dude Todd

PS Fellas, check out that issue of Alaska shown above! Your wife'll love it because of the article about Sarah, but she doesn't need to know that your bought if for the article about catching barn-door sized halibut in the Barren Islands!

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