Holed up in Sedona, Arizona

Well folks, they have Sarah and me holed up down here in Arizona while all the consultants do their magic to help Sarah come up with perfect answers. This stuff sure is a lot tougher than up in Wasilla. When she was running for mayor, her debate took place next to the barbecue stand in the gravel lot in front of the Wasilla Sportsman's Show and Game Feed. Sarah had good answers but didn't even need them because her opponent had BBQ sauce all over his cheek for the first half of the debate and the citizens found it hard to listen to what he was saying. Plus, the crowd was about 90% men who had mostly all gone to the Sergei's Kamchatka Bride Service booth and they were kind of 'interested' to see a woman who could talk as good as Sarah. Nothin' sexier than a smart woman, I'll tell you that.

In Sarah's debate for her Governor race, it was town hall style, and she had to field a lot of really tough questions just like any citizen in any state in the nation would ask. I expect there will be a lot more of those on Thursday night. The good news is that, once again, Sarah had all the right answers on all of these subjects.

When that Vice Presidential debate moderator asks her about her personal beliefs, it will really help the American people understand what Sarah will be fighting for against those liberals in Washington. I can't tell you any secrets about her answers, but if you are concerned like me about the following issues:

  • Drilling: Which slope should be next?
  • Assault rifles: Mandatory?
  • Registration fees for float planes and personal snowcraft
  • Salmon bag limits
  • Grizzly nuisance shooting - porch shots or not?
  • Personal taxation on snow endurance event monetary prizes
  • Halibut fishing season regulations
then you'd better tune in. I know that Sarah's ideas will wow you like they did the people of Wasilla and the people of Alaska.

What makes me a little worried, though, is that Sarah will be urged by these debate advisers to take a position that's not natural for her. For instance, building code in Wasilla requires that Douglas fir logs used in log homes be at least 12 inches in finished diameter. What if those advisers are influenced by lobbyists from the building industry who try to sneak in laws allowing 11 inch logs? Or even 10? What would that do to the logging industry?

No way, I tell Sarah. Stay strong and keep your values for the American people.

It's the only way, and it's the American way.

Tight lines and Right answers,
First Dude Todd

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