Sarah Doesn't Need Help Finding Her Voice

Howdy folks. I'm still holed up down here in Sedona and I'm gettin' pretty bored since I can't go out shootin' or haulin' anything with my truck. I've been spending a lot of time on the internet just goggling different things to try to help Sarah get ready.

The advisers keep using Hilary Clinton as a good example of how women politicians can connect with other women, so I looked at all kinds of pictures and videos and articles about Hilary. At first, I was pretty unimpressed with her. I mean, in one video she made some comment about finding her voice, and I was thinking - is that the same voice that you use to scream at Bill when he porks another intern? If that's the voice she found, I'll pass on listening to it. I've heard that she throws a lot of lamps too. In that case, she must be channeling her voice through her arm.

But then I got to thinking about women and my better half to understand Hilary. I mean, Hilary really represents all of the women who have stood in the shadows of their men, and who have even been embarrassed or shamed over some aspect of his behavior that they couldn't control. I don't believe that I've ever done anything to shame Sarah. In fact, she always says that she's proud of me for winning the Tesoro Iron Dog, 4 times in fact, even though that's not the only reason she vetoed Alaska House Amendment 117 (Amendment Authorizing Personal Taxation on Snow Endurance Event Monetary Prizes). In her quest for the second-highest office in the land, I sure hope that I don't drag down her image.

On the other hand, I can't find God's love in my heart for all women. That Katie Couric is a bitter shrew. Did you see the muck that she was slinging in that interview? If that's the state of liberal yellow journalism in the United States, maybe we don't want to live in that house on Washington Avenue.

I have other reasons for being nervous about moving there, like when I asked if Camp David was a moose- or caribou-hunting camp. The adviser guy just looks at me and shakes his head. I guess that means it's just deer.

Tight Lines,
First Dude Todd

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