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Hey People, I just wanted to let you know that John is talking again about suspending his campaign so he can go to the European countries like London and France to help with their bank issues. Apparently they have it worse than us because they are socialist and the governments have spent so much money on welfare and health care that they can't even bail out the banks. That's why John wants to help them. If this happens (I think it's gonna, who else can help?) I will need to travel with Sarah. Although I haven't gotten a passport yet they can fast-track it. 

Anyway, one of the advisers gave me this funny looking newspaper called the Financial Times. I could hardly even read it because it looked like salmon and the last thing I want to see in salmon season is more salmon colored stuff, yuck. If you're going to sell this in Wasilla at this time of year you may want to change the color, first, and second it has a lot of pretty wacky opinions. I mean, I read the Wall Street Journal to see about BP or some stocks that are in our trust but I always find that pretty comfortable because they know how to talk to liberals now that it's owned by FoxNews. This other paper is talking about nationalisation, socialisation, Libor this, Libor that, who in cripes is Libor? Anyway, I checked the internet version and it's a little better because it's not pink, but it's still hard to understand and I think it slants left. I also saw an article by Al Gore in there, if I see another one I'm refusing to read it anymore, I don't care where we're going. Like I said, it's salmon season so I need a lot of fish wrappers.

You can make up your mind here.

Tight lines, watch out for news from the left,

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