This will be John and Sarah In Washington

Howdy folks, just a quick post before I head out in the float plane for short flight. I was thinking about the campaign slogan "John and Sarah, They'll Terminate The Tax and Spenders in Washington" after one of my favorite movies, Terminator. Anyway, it's sort of hard to understand this woman because she's from London or Germany, but she's apparently talking about some bank CEO who got punched when his bank went belly up. There should be more of that. Survival of the fittest, just like where I'm taking the float plane with the grizzlies and the salmon and the wolves and the moose. At least, after we get this bailout done they should go with less regulation and just let the crooked and inefficient banks fail.

The adviser said that we haven't taken any money from this particular bank so it's OK if we put this video up. I'm not sure what he meant by that.

Tight lines,

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