Who Can Fight the Rise of Russia?

One of the advisers was talking to Sarah about how she can make her case that her experience with Russia really does count, and he sent her this link. This is proof that Russia is going to be more important to the U.S. future than anything that liberal Barack Hussein Obama knows about in this election. I mean, who doesn't want a Vice President who has been on the front line with Russia, and especially if she has been on a front line that has a lot more oil and gas energy supplies could be flowing in America to keep us safe from these oil dictators?

I've always said that if you want to see the most patriotic business leaders, look to the oil companies. They are not out making all these deals that put America at risk, and they definitely have the interest of the people in basic values like heat and transportation and snowmachining as their #1 priorities. Those are all basic American values.

Meanwhile, who supports the Democrats? Well, it's the classic San Francisco type crowd, with people from all those liberal do-nothing companies like Apple and Goggle. I mean, what do the founders of Goggle know about Russia? How can they understand anything about the ultimate power that a state like Russia can exert if they control all of the access to the basis of our entire economy? I'm afraid that you're in over your heads fellas when it comes to dealing with Russians and ultimate power. How can a company like Goggle know anything about ultimate power? Go back to your video games and goggle some nice pictures of women in bikinis computer boys because Russians are not to be messed with. Oh, and when you get a little older you'll learn that being a liberal doesn't build anything for the economy. Look at Mr. Buffet for that lesson.

I'm really hoping that John can get this message out to the people in the debate tonight, but all anyone wants to talk about is these banks and how safe or unsafe they are. If people just had some faith in the free market, all these things would sort themselves out. In fact, if the next president is committed to the free market, why don't they follow through with privatizing socialist security like should have been done a few years ago? I'm no investment expert, but it seems like a great time to get in the market -  you know, buy low, sell high, that kind of business. I mentioned this to Sarah and she thought it was a pretty good idea too, but the adviser seemed really nervous about it. It's funny, I could swear I heard him mention the same idea just before the convention, like before we had all this bank trouble, but maybe I'm wrong. There was a lot going on then and it's really hard to remember some of the policy details.

I'm sorry that I covered a lot of topics but I got a chance to clear my head in the float plane last night and I feel really really energized with new ideas right now.

Anyway, on to the debates! Kick some liberal tail John!

Tight Lines, and watch those sneaky Russians
First Dude Todd


chris said...

You seem to be so wound up in your own misonceived anger that you did not know that Google was founded by Sergey Brin, formerly of Moscow, RUSSIA!!!!
He may not be able to see Russia any more from the shores of liberal California but I am sure for a do nothing company - that you support with your blog- he is more informed than "on the front lines" Sarah Palin.

TimboM said...

Chris, it's a parody. Get it?

TimboM said...

If you read a lot of the absurd statements you see unwinding of logic. That's a hallmark of Republicans and I love to put it to work here.

TimboM said...

Thanks for the comment though! At least someone's paying attention!

PS Also clearly a false statement that Google knows nothing about ultimate power when they are on their way to owning the freakin internet. Get it?

chris said...

I guess I am especially gullible today. I should have read more carefully. I was thinking Todd was a lot more literate than I would have expected.

Keep it up. Lots of fun.

TimboM said...

Chris, you're Todd's #1 (anti-)fan. Sweet!

TimboM said...

Chris, Todd has this weird notion that everyone on the internet is in a room together (I have tried to explain the internet to him but he's used to Wasilla or at least one valley in Alaska so he has trouble visualizing it). On the off-chance that Todd is correct, can you please tell 'solerso' to calm down, and perhaps wink at him?

Thanks, it's our little secret.