Strong Women to Guard The Treasure

Howdy folks. I wanted to congratulate John on his dismantling of that liberal in last night's debate. Although I agreed with John on every single point, the one thing that struck me is his answer for who could be secretary of the treasure. I love the chance for Meg or Carly to do that, to start with they are super smart and they have helped to made America an economic powerhouse. (little disclosure here, I use an HP laptop and we sure went through a lot of color inkjet cassettes when Sarah was first named VP candidate, also I have bought a few chainsaw and snowmachine parts on eBay and it worked great). Second, women make great secretaries of almost anything, if you just look at most companies you will see that. Anyway, the more women the better, I say. Carly is a little easier to look at than Meg but it's brains that count for that stuff.

I also just wanted to give you a quick heads-up that Sarah is back here from the campaign trail on Thursday so we may need to do a lot of stuff and I may not be able to post for a day or so. This posting is getting kind of addicting, pretty weird for a guy who never paid too much attention in English class.

Tight Lines People,
First Dude Todd

PS Kind of weird that Carly couldn't get us a discount on those color cassettes directly from HP considering that she practically ran the company for a few years, but anyway I goggled them and got a good price mail order. It's really surprising that I'm giving computer advice but that's how much I've learned on this subject!

PSPS I watched the debate last night with the one adviser who knows all the tech stuff, he's the one who has been coaching me. Anyway, he kept saying something like where's BHO's 'day-sheeki' at the screen every time he said anything about taxes. That sounds like a Japanese word but I like the sound of it. I may just start calling BHO Day-Sheeki because it's funny!


solerso said...

Dear first dude.
As a supporter of "BHO", I can only say , that I hope you continue posting right up until election day. Ill be sure to link this blog to as many of the blogs that I visit.It will be fun.(and not too difficult)for bloggers and journalists to find out who the "adviser" was who wanted to know where Barraks "DAY SHEEKI WAS".
That sounded "Japanese" to you? Yeah, youre every bit as stupid as your wife LOL. BTW we "liberals" love the work shes doing to get Barrack elected. Give her a big hug from all of us, K Todd?
I love this blog because, while most right wing republican demagogues are racist and small minded, they are usually too politically savy to put it on public display. So thanks again, you betcha!Hang in there, it wont be long till John Mcant loses the election and you can go BACK to working on disolving The United States of America with the Alsaka Independance Party. Cheers!

TimboM said...

Parody, Solerso.

I'm with you here. If I stay with you any longer I won't be able to get back to Todd.