The Knowledge Economy

Howdy Folks, I can't tell you where I am because it's an undisclosed location. But it's in or near Waukesha, WI, I think, that's what they tell me. Apparently there is a stronghold here and we're just tying to get them out of their comfortable houses to mobilize. At least, that's what the adviser (one also named Todd, funny) said. Wow, this really is like some kind of a military operation. John's amazing, you never sense that military attitude with him but it somehow transfers through everyone. Anyway, this is good stuff.

So, one of the big themes of our campaign is the knowledge economy. Like in using computers and technology to create higher paying jobs. It was either the energy economy or the knowledge economy and this one seemed like the better choice for now (you don't need change the law to buy a computer but you sure do to drill for oil). Anyway, since I told other Todd that I am interested in computers and stuff, he's been sending me articles to read. Most of them I don't understand, but this one is like I'm reading some random words someone just stuck together that don't tell me anything. I mean, cloud computer, webvan? What does that mean? I didn't listen to a lot of music in high school but those sound like pink floyd. I don't understand this stuff. 

The knowledge idea seems pretty good but my mind's not made up.

Tight Lines,

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