My Miss Wasilla belongs to America

Well people we had a BBQ to celebrate Sarah's victorious defeat of that Mid-Atlantic fraud (or elder statesman if you prefer) and we had the advisers leave us alone for a night. Most nights they are correcting some aspect of Sarah's behavior, but if they could have seen us tonight it would have seemed to them like my same old Sarah who charmed them during the initial picking process when they had that guy up here for almost 3 hours. She was so charming that half-day, like the times I remember that we would go to holiday parties for the station where she was a sports reporter and then she actually became the sports anchor. One time she got to meet Joe Montana who was here on a fishing holiday, and she absolutely connected with him. That's when I know that she could make it on the big stage. I never doubted it from the second that I first saw that in her.

I don't understand why we can't just run her as she is, because you could see that the Sarah she is connected with the people of St. Paul and the rest of the nation who traveled to see her speak. I mean, Alaska is cold like Minnesota (though they don't have near as many moose there) and people play hockey, ice fish and snowmachine. The people who founded Palmer, Sarah's town for some time, came from the Minnesota during the depression (the same depression that was created by a Democrat according to the one adviser who was in the first group of her debate managers, as he also explained why this new depression can be blamed on Democrats) according to this information that our strategist came across here. It's totally why she connects with those people and people from the south who were also affected by the depression. A lot of towns in the south that we've travelled through seem to have a pretty good connection with Sarah as well, although they definitely talk a lot different. In reality, everywhere that we've been - what I call Real America - has been really friendly and positive to us (but I even have problems understanding people from the really southern states like Indiana or Arkansas). United we stand, regardless of the accents, or how much you can understand from your fellow patriot, as far as I'm concerned. States like Michigan where there are too many socialists, we can't connect because they are who caused the depression in the first place. That's why we spend a lot of time in Alabama and Georgia where Sarah is at her best.

And that's what still gives me hope for this fight.

Tight Lines
There's still a lot left to fight,
First Dude Todd


solerso said...

Hey Todd! Thanks for giving miss wasilla "to america". Im sure america will be very grateful. Will i get a letter from Gov Palins office when its my turn?I will wait patiently.
wasilla has been blessed overmuch, what with being the only town in America to have gotten the Hon. Sarah Palin as Mayor, then to be named
"THE METH CAPITAL OF AMERICA" in so many nationaly reported stories. It really shows the character of the kind leaders that Wasilla and Alasksa have been blessed with.

TimboM said...

Yes, you will get a color photograph (see posting about HP inkjet printouts) that will be 'signed' by Sarah. I say 'signed' because she might be so busy that we need to just borrow the auto-pen that Rummy used to use. It's probably gathering dust in Dick's office right now. The office that's not under a mountain in a secure location.