You reeled in a big one Sarah!

Howdy folks! I'm so dang proud of my Sarah that I could just burst. Not only did she answer every question better than that America-basher at the other podium, she looked graceful and effortless doing it. Everything that liberal host (didya know that she's writing an Obama book?) threw at her she answered, and she dropped the hammer on that old socialist Biden.

But that doesn't mean it was fair. For one, I did think that the moderator personally wanted to make Sarah appear a little uncomfortable about the gay marriage stuff. I think that's for personal reasons that the moderator has, you know, if you read about how she's not too worried about not being married, hint, hint, hint. She really meant to make Sarah squirm under those lights. Hey, just because Sarah and me toe a firm line by God's law doesn't mean that we look with scorn upon those men who like to decorate the living room or women who play softball better. I mean, we watch those home makeover shows up in Wasilla and there's always some guy who knows too much about decorating with pillows and candles. That's OK as long as he doesn't want to have his 'marriage' made legal which would lower the value of the concept of marriage which has existed since the bible times.

It's important that your president share the same values that you do, and John and Cindy and Sarah and I just happen to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman for life. If you look at someone deeply honorable like John McCain, you see that what he and Cindy share is a lifetime commitment to each other. That may not be common in today's society, but the only way we can keep the value is by keeping that just where it is.

Tight Lines,
Soon-to-be Second Dude Todd

PS Oops, at the beginning of the debate I actually thought that guy was some used boat salesman who was warming up the crowd, until someone said that it was Joe Biden. I didn't realize that he had such a big dopey grin and that spray on tan. At the end when I shook his hand, I was still worried that he was going to try to sell me a used 52 foot Beneteau with twin Cummins. Thanks but no thanks mister. And I don't want to buy your tax-and-spend policies either.

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