Countdown to Action!

Howdy Howdy Howdy everyone! I am so excited for tonight because Sarah has been preparing really hard and she's finally ready to bag and skin herself a liberal who has spent the last 30-some years holed up in Snafu (that's what we call DC up around 60 North latitude). He's about a 36-pointer, so I prefer a head mount, but maybe she'll also hang the pelt in our living room next to the moose she shot 2 years ago. It probably won't look as good as the moose because the moose doesn't have plugs. 

The advisers really worked hard to help Sarah understand a lot of foreign policy issues that she didn't really get a chance to work on as Governor of the largest state of the nation. Sure, she knows about Russia, but commies aren't the only threat we face. A lot of the complicated stuff comes down to the strategy of how we keep the America safe from terrorism. Did you know for instance that many of our NATO partners look to us for pretty much everything that needs to be done if there's an international crisis that demands strong reaction? I guess that's what happens when you have a socialist government like France. Everyone works 20 hours a week, they all eat some cheese, drink some wine, and the economy doesn't produce Tom Dickey. Plus, the government over there is always meddling in the markets and deciding how many cars of whatever models should be made. It probably doesn't matter anyway because he showed me some pictures of a car called the 'Lemon' and it looked like a cross between a spaceship and a really ugly minivan, so no one buys them. Yuck. I guess the French are better at making pizza and fondue than they are at making cars.

This adviser seemed to know a lot about the French, and none of it seemed too good for small business owners over there. The adviser said that the French don't even have a word for 'entrepreneurship'. They also don't have a word for 'laissez-faire' which basically means in Roman or Latin that a government just lets its people do what's best for their own lives, families, and money.  In Alaska we have a lot of that laissez, like if you don't want to have indoor plumbing you can live that way, if Mr. Grizz is in our burn barrel and you want to take a shot at him, go ahead. We like to keep it copasetic, as long as you're not causing your neighbor any grief. 

That's just the thing with the philosophy of liberals like Old Pluggy we'll be seeing tonight. They want to take away your chance to shoot your gun so that you don't develop any marksmanship, then when you do need to protect your family from a bear who's in heaven licking nacho cheese residue from your garbage, you're not prepared to take the shot. It's a slippery slope, and it slides right into the outhouse pot like our neighbors have.

Is that what the greatest nation on earth needs? Heck no! 

Give 'em the business Sarah!

Tight lines and tight answers,
First Dude Todd

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