Take No Prisoners John!

Hello people, I know I already wrote a lot of words at you earlier but I just have to say that I'm very excited about tonight's debate because Town Hall Meetings work for John. Instead of getting biased questions from a liberal moderator who is anything but moderate, the crowd has the chance to ask the questions. It has always been John's biggest strength on the campaign trail. So instead of getting Jim Lehrer,  who everyone knows is as liberal as they come and whose network constantly asks the government for handouts (unlike FoxNews which is both very reliable and profitable), Joe or Jill Sixpack can ask a question directly. Some questions that people could ask tonight include:
  • Why do you think that the mainstream media report that the surge is anything other than wildly successful?
  • Why aren't we drilling more in states like California, and oh, I don't know, Alaska?
  • Is a president who didn't serve in the military, or who doesn't have a son in the military, able to make sound judgments as commander-in-chief? (You might think that Biden's son would count here but he's actually a military LAWYER so he's not exactly a soldier)
  • How can the government call polar bears an endangered species when they're just a subspecies of the grizzly and grizzlies are in my garbage every other night?
  • And so on
Basically, you get the picture. All of these questions get to the heart of what people care about but what they are not getting straight from their mainstream liberally-biased media. I'm sure that John shares my view here. He doesn't want to be interrogated by anyone, least of all a socialist with a toopay and a fancy laptop.

Best wishes for a great debate John!

Tight lights,
First Dude Todd

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