Correction about Goggle

Hi Folks - A very pleasant reader let me know that one of the Goggle guys is in fact a Russian, who would have thought that Russians know so much about computers and technology. I bet he just traded a couple thousand cubic feet of gas for the company after some Seattle guy started it. Anyway, it's probably OK because he came over here and therefore isn't a deep Commie. Unless he's a spy with the KBG. Whatever, let Goggle have their bikini picture searches and whatever, as long as they don't start owning actual valuable land that Americans should own. I mean, we bought Alaska from the Russians like 100 years ago, after they trapped all the otters and seals and it was worthless to them. I don't want to give it back. Sending a few crab fisherman over is one thing, but owning land is another.

It's OK if they take San Francisco. Maybe they'll clean it up.

Tight lines,

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