Snowmachine Racing - Better than NASCAR!

I got a letter from Roger in Georgia asking about snowmobile racing. He likes NASCAR and wants to know if I like that too.

Roger, I try to be modest about my racing but I have won the Tesoro Iron Dog snowmachine race four times. The course is difficult but I rely heavily on the Lord Jesus Christ and my native heritage to guide me through the challenges of the track. I’m one-eighth Yup’ik and have some Curyung blood, but I haven’t huffed any gasoline in several years, despite what those liberals at the Wasilla Progressive wrote about me.

As for other motor sports, I am very happy at any endeavor that uses up what we up here on the North Slope like to call ‘black gold’. For NASCAR, I have seen a few races on the satellite but I haven’t gotten too excited. For one, the drivers don’t seem to need to navigate too many ravines, unstable ice shelves, wolf packs, or fallen trees to get to the finish. They seem to just go round and round. And also, the sponsors aren’t something that I can really see helping me push on and all. Home Depot? FedEx? Texas Instruments? How about some real sponsors that make a real product that the racers use, like Dr. Metcalf’s Pelt Salt, Sergei’s Kamchatka Bride Service, or Federal Bear Loads? Back in 2005, I was racing for Nevr-Freeze Fuel Additive but they got shut down due to them finding a couple of barrels at that meth lab in East Wasilla. But that's a different story.

I even busted my arm in one race but got a doctor to brace me up for the finish. Believe me, if I believed in all that Darwin stuff I would think snowmachine racing is one of the best examples of survival of the fittest.

If you ever get a chance to come up here, you should try your hand at NASCAR of the North!

Tight lines and firmpacked tracks,

First Dude Todd

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