The Wasilla Town Hall

A lot of people have told me that people all over the world are looking at pictures of the Wasilla Town Hall. I know what they're thinking - we must be pretty proud to have a fine building like that in which government operates and does the will of the people and of God. I also want these people in faraway countries like Japan or London to know that our Wasilla government works because we've learned some lessons from the private sector.

First, you'll note the thing that looks like a drive through window. That actually is a drive-through window, but instead of getting a caribou burger, you can take care of quick business with the town hall, like handling minor meth violations or registering your truck. The only time we had to make someone come inside was when my cousin Darryl Yuu'taak, who owns the East Wasilla Trading Post, tried to pay his fine for selling Jager in his outside vending machine. The paperwork took too long to do from the drive-through. He later co-sponsored the '2008 Paperwork Reduction Act' in Wasilla Town Council that made it legal to sell hippers of Jager in a vending machine, next to the spawn sacks and fuel additive.

Second, the sign looks really good, but it actually is a sign that we made up of the old sign from the "Wasilla City Mall", which was the old building. We just had my brother-in-law (not that one) replace the "M" with an "H"! See, cost savings and efficiency, just like BP or GM in the private sector!

The only problem that we need to fix is the roof, which sometimes lets go with a big pile of snow or ice onto the person in the car using the drive-through window. I'll get my brother-in-law on that right away, or at least before winter. We still have a few months because winter doesn't really start here anymore until December or so.

Plus, here's the best part. Because part of the strip mall used to be a dry cleaner, they have a sealed storage area where the Wasilla police can safely store chemical drums that they seize when they make a really big meth bust. It's a good thing that this hasn't happened since August, but at least we have it when we need it!

Tight lines and firmpacked tracks,
First Dude Todd

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